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   Register Online or by Phone!   
      You can register for Town classes with a credit card or check in person or over the phone, or by credit card on our website.
      Senior Center and AARP programs can only be paid for with a check or cash.
      You can register for free programs in person or over the phone. We appreciate registrations as they enable us to set up enough chairs and prepare handouts ahead of time.

      Welcome to Lapham Center      
     Get out your calendar and start reading because we're back with more activities and classes than ever!
     For most classes, you can register online or call us with a credit card. You can also mail the registration form in the paper newsletter. Registration starts now and will continue until classes are filled.
     All adult New Canaan residents (not just seniors!) are welcome to take classes and participate in other activities at Lapham. There is no membership fee or requirement beyond town residency and the ability to participate.
      Spend a few minutes checking out our summer activities. We hope you will find new interests and new friends at Lapham!

            Coming Up at Lapham Center                
     Medicare's Annual Enrollment Period begins October 15 and ends December 7. This is the once-a-year chance to re-evaluate and perhaps change prescription drug plans. Many people may find that the plan that was best for them in 2014 is not the plan that will be best for them in 2015. Our Medicare counselors have already advised us that many drug companies have made changes to their rules and formularies and raised their prices.
     Last year Lapham Center's volunteer Medicare counselors saw more than 400 New Canaan residents. Nearly 200 of them changed their plans saving a total of $135,876.
     Appointments are being made now at Lapham Center. Trained Medicare counselors will run Medicare's Prescription Drug Plan Finder located at on the Internet. This process generally takes less than an hour and there is no fee. If the decision is made to change a drug plan, the counselors will help enroll in the new plan.
     Call 203-594-3620 now to schedule an appointment.

     Medicare counselors Bill Emmons and Dick Neville will present an overview of changes in prescription drug plans on Tuesday, October 14 at 10:30 a.m. They will also discuss how prescription drug plans work and what is new in 2015. Please call 203-594-3620 to reserve a seat.

     Halloween Pizza and Bingo will be held on Wednesday, October 15. Pizza will be served at noon and Bingo will begin at 1 p.m. There will be a surprise caller and prizes with a fall theme. Reservations are necessary by tomorrow at noon.